About us

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Who We Are

We are a small team of coaches, consultants and wellbeing practitioners who are passionate about helping individuals and organisations to thrive.

Wiser Working was born out of a recognition that the way people are working isn’t working.  Too many have succumbed to the idea that they need to endure stress to succeed in life or even just to get by. We challenge that myth and we want to help our clients to challenge it too, by building resilience at work.

We believe that there are smarter, more positive and more sustainable ways to pursue our careers than most people realise.

Research from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology can guide us towards wiser ways of working. Our consultants interpret and apply these insights to improve the resilience levels and wellbeing of our client organisations and their employees.

We work primarily with HR Managers, Learning &Development practitioners, Talent Managers and Change Champions to help them design and deliver highly impactful interventions that support the growth of their colleagues, including stress management training initiatives.

We are also quite approachable, so feel free to get in touch for a chat.

What We Do

stress training

Our Approach

By acting as a trusted advisor and delivery partner, to HR, L&D and Talent Managers, Wiser Working introduces resilience training, showing that this is a skill which can be learnt like any other.

Our Team

Our team of facilitators and wellbeing practitioners are based in the UK and Ireland. They all share a passion for helping individuals and organisations to develop resilience and to thrive.

Get in Touch

Have any questions? Get in touch to find out more about our open resilience to stress course.