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Resilience Training for Leaders and Managers

Resilience is a Key Capability for 21st Century Managers

The modern corporate environment can be a very challenging place and those who feel the pressure most acutely are your senior executives and line managers. Major challenges such as Brexit, digital disruption and, globalisation are affecting many industries in one way or another. This means that resilience for leaders has never been more vital, with business managers required to make significant decisions whilst dealing with higher levels of uncertainty than ever before.

It also means that greater numbers of leaders and managers are now reporting that they are overwhelmed, mentally exhausted or suffering from stress-related illnesses.

How your business tackles the challenge of workplace stress management training is a key factor in how your business will perform over the longer term. Preparing your leaders to react during busy or high-pressure periods will ensure that they are equipped to lead your company in an effective, level-headed way.

Resilience for Leaders: Learning How to Be Calm Under Pressure

If you can support your leaders to understand the different ways that the brain responds and reacts to pressure, they can begin to avoid the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ responses which cause reactionary leadership and damaging inaction. Through emotional resilience training, Wiser Working’s team will help them to practice new responses and to apply them in daily life.

By incorporating a new dimension of leadership tools into your leadership and management training programmes, Wiser Working will provide your leaders with workable tools which will build their mental and emotional resilience. These essential tools to promote resilience for leaders, will enable your managers to remain calm and effective under pressure.

Our content is based on the latest research from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology.

Our experts will help you to:

  • Understand the brain science behind resilience and how it is something that can be learnt
  • Incorporate resilience building into your leadership and management training programmes
  • Deliver specific programme modules to address topics such as:
    – Resilient leadership
    – Leading with authenticity
    – Difficult conversations
    – Leading change and transformations
    – Building a resilient team

Wiser Working’s assistance with your management training, including resilience leadership training, will ensure that your leaders learn how to be calm and effective when leading your organisation.

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