Organisational Change

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Organisational Change Training – Change or Die

In a Fast Company article some years ago, Alan Deutschman coined the phrase “Change or Die”. He cited medical studies which showed that 90% of patients who had undergone heart surgery did not subsequently change their lifestyles. Change, it seems, is not so attractive even when our lives depend on it.

Currently, many businesses are facing the same difficult choice, making organisational change training essential . Multiple sectors are being impacted by radical disruptions which threaten their products, services and prevailing business models. The car industry, for example, is striving to make sense of innovative battery technology, autonomous driving, car sharing and big data. Any one of these factors is disruptive but all of them emerging together brings major questions for the existing brands.

Reorganising, downsizing, right-sizing, merging and partnering are all on the agenda not only in the car industry but in many established industry sectors.

Organisational change is not new but the scale of the coming changes is likely to be unprecedented. As a result, agility and resilience at work are already emerging as key attributes for leaders and employees in the 21st century and will become even more important in the years to come.

Helping to make change attractive

By embracing change and addressing the emotional and psychological issues which make your employees resistant to it, you can ensure that your company is better prepared to tackle both day-to- day challenges and the opportunities which tomorrow could bring.

If you are currently embarking on an organisational change initiative, Wiser Working can help. By drawing on the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, our expert change consultant team can provide you with the specialist insights to make change attractive.

Specifically, Wiser Working can support your change programme by:

  • Providing change consultancy to leaders and change champions on the people side of change
  • Applying the latest neuroscience and cognitive behavioural findings to position be seen as something attractive
  • Facilitate organisational change training sessions with employees who are being impacted by internal or external changes
  • Coaching leaders and managers in how to help others embrace change


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