Our Approach

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Helping Organisations to Develop Resilience in the Workplace

We live in interesting times. The modern workplace is becoming increasingly disrupted. As technology advances, your staff is forced to be more productive than ever before. Additionally, new market entrants are challenging larger established companies in many industries and this leads to greater employment insecurity. On top of all that there is the uncertainty of a post-Brexit economy. Many people feel that the hamster wheel is speeding up.

Is it any wonder your workforce is experiencing stress when their day-to-day challenges are compounded by their worries about the future? Developing resilience in the workplace is essential to help them cope.

As a HR or Learning & Development professional you cannot protect your colleagues from the sometimes harsh realities of change. After all, you are also being impacted by these changes. But with Wiser Working’s assistance, you can ensure that you are equipping your employees to better handle today’s demands and be fully open to the opportunities that tomorrow can bring.

You can do this by implementing a proven stress management and resilience training as part of your existing programmes. These concepts have historically been the domain of occupational health specialists but increasingly HR, Talent and L&D managers are seeking tools to make their development programmes more relevant for current needs. It is now more widely acknowledged that the most effective employees and leaders are those who are adaptable to change and new challenges.

By acting as your trusted advisor and delivery partner, Wiser Working will help to introduce resilience in the workplace as a skill which can be learnt like any other. We aim to help you to incorporate these skills throughout your business so that your employees are fully ready for the pace and challenges of 21st Century working.

We believe that a resilient employee is the key to building a resilient business.

Data-led Approaches to Training

For over a decade, the Wiser Working team has supported HR professionals and Learning and Development managers in multinational companies across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Our approach is informed by data and science – specifically the latest findings in the fields of Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology. Our expertise will help to save you the time needed to navigate the maze of research in this fast-growing field and get straight to the solutions that will make a real difference in your development programmes.

Our interventions can also be supported by diagnostic tools that identify those employees that are most at risk from stress.

Full Integration with Your Training Programmes

We fully recognise that you may already have programmes in place focusing on management development, employee engagement or talent development. We can enhance these by offering off-the-shelf or tailored modules that target resilience building and stress management training. Also, if you’re building a development programme from scratch, we can help you to design the overall flow and content to maximise resilience building.

By incorporating our approach into your training programmes, you will create a resilient, motivated and engaged workforce with a capacity to respond positively to the challenges your business face.

When you contact us, you’re starting a process that can create a huge impact for the wellbeing and growth of your colleagues.

Get in Touch

Have any questions? Get in touch to find out more about our open resilience to stress course.