Stress Management Training

Stress Management Training

“Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st Century” – World Health Organisation

Stress is an individual response to a given situation. As such there is the potential to influence how each person responds in the face of financial pressure, deadlines, personality differences or any other source of stress.

The modern workplace is changing at a rapid pace and this presents daily challenges for any workforce. Stress management training can help you employees to cope with daily stress or larger organisational changes. This is as critical as helping them to develop leadership skills or role-specific practical skills.

At Wiser Working, our resilience and stress management training programmes are designed to help businesses and their workers to become more agile to the changing pace of work and life.

The Bottom Line

In 2015/16, stress accounted for 45% of days lost due to ill health in the UK. However, the cost of stress to businesses is likely to be bigger than levels of absenteeism.  Both acute (short-lived) and chronic (long-term) stress can impact the health and performance of an individual.

Feelings of fatigue, irritability, low morale and inability to concentrate can all stem from over-exposure to stress or challenging situations. The paradox is that some exposure to stress can be good for us – it keeps us driven,  but when it becomes frequent or constant, our ability to cope mentally and physically can be challenged. Regardless of the source of stress, the effects can be tangible in the workplace.

Designing a Stress Management Programme

We work with our clients to develop stress management training programmes that work for them. During our stress management workshops, we help participants to realise how they react to stress; enable them to connect with their emotions and provide them with the tools to effectively handle pressure.

Your programme for reducing work related stress can include the following:

  • Stress management training workshops
  • Individual assessments: Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment or adrenal stress hormone test – for personalised information
  • Group / team stress diagnostic
  • 1:1 Coaching

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Stress Management and Resilience Training Workshops

Reaction to stress can vary between individuals and can be attributed to numerous factors. Our resilience and stress management workshop programmes are designed to help individuals connect with the source of their stress and help them to develop resilient behaviours in the face of demanding situations.

The training workshop process includes:

  • Identifying sources of stress and the impact on work life (how do I react?)
  • Establish current modes of dealing with stress
  • Exploring options for dealing compassionately with emotions and reactions
  • Distinguishing between thoughts and feelings
  • Learning principles of self-leadership
  • Identifying individual optimal performance zones

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

We have partnered with Firstbeat to offer their full Lifestyle Assessment tool to our clients. The personalised stress and recovery profile report can be a powerful way for individuals to visualise the link between performance and stress.

Read more about Firstbeat here.

1:1 Coaching

Coaching adds a further personal dimension to our corporate stress management programmes.

Through coaching, participants can work through more sensitive topics that they may not wish to discuss in a group setting and, can link to the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment data.

These private sessions also provide a useful post-workshop reflection space and our corporate coaches provide a mix of support and challenge that is more likely to create behaviour change for the coaches.

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