Talent Management

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Retaining Talent

Talent Management Training – Future-Proofing Your Employees

In many industries, the ‘war for talent’ is very real. Retaining your most capable employees can therefore give your organisation a key competitive edge, and talent management training is key to this. One factor that is often overlooked, is that high performing individuals are among those most at risk from stress, overload and burnout.

Talented employees will be more likely to stay with your organisation when they receive the appropriate support to maintain optimum levels of mental and emotional wellbeing.

The solution to keeping your most talented employees in good shape is simple: incorporating resilience training into your talent management training programmes.

At Wiser Working our experts specialise in equipping employees with resilience-building skills.

Partnering with Wiser Working

Wiser Working can help to enhance your talent management and development training programmes. As a HR or Talent Manager, you will provide your key employees with the skills they need to manage stress, avoid burnout, and continue to optimise their true potential. 

Having worked alongside talent managers at several blue chip companies, our team will provide you with new insights on developing your talent pool. Typically, we will assist you with:

  • Fine tuning your Talent Development programme to maximise resilience-building
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in your existing talent pool using resilience diagnostics
  • Delivering specific programme modules to address any limitations, such as:
    – Emotional resilience
    – Self-leadership and wellbeing
    – Performing with purpose
    – Handling change


Contact Wiser Working today to discuss how we can help you to enhance your talent development programmes.

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