Team Performance

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Improve Performance with Team Resilience Training

How agile and resilient is your team?

Great teams are often defined by the challenges they overcome together. This bonds them and prepares them to tackle even greater challenges.

Enduring and overcoming challenges however requires individual and collective resilience – the ability to remain strong until a project is complete and then have energy for the next project. At Wiser Working we believe that this type of strength comes not only from focus and rigour but also from ‘soft’ factors such as connection, nurture and compassion.

Indeed, research in this area consistently highlights that the quality of our key relationships is one of the main building blocks of resilience. For teams to succeed in the long term therefore, they need to understand these factors so that they can look out for themselves and their teammates. Team resilience training can help to achieve this.

Strengthening the foundation of your team

Our reactions to stress are governed by psychological and physiological factors. These reactions are often triggered by our interaction with team members and colleagues.

By helping your team members to better respond to external and interpersonal stress, you will be building a much stronger foundation for your teams. Better team stress management will translate into improved performance levels, lower staff turnover and higher levels of employee engagement. Your team members can also benefit from these insights outside of the work environment.

Wiser Working’s experts have been retained to develop highly resilient teams at some of Europe’s largest organisations. As a provider of training and facilitation for businesses,  we work alongside team leaders, department heads and HR Business Partners to provide a range of team resilience training skills and tools. This can be a perfect theme for your next team offsite or for an ongoing support programme.

Specifically, our team can help you with:

  • Gaining data and insights into the health and resilience of your team
  • Planning your next team offsite around the topic of resilience and stress management
  • Delivering specific workshop modules to address topics, such as:
    – Emotional resilience and stress management
    – Typical dysfunctions of a team and how to overcome them
    – Working successfully as part of a team
  • Exploring mindsets and behaviours that can lead to miscommunication
  • Coaching team members who wish to build resilience


Start building the skills your team needs to succeed. Call Wiser Working today to discuss our resilience building programmes for teams.

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