WeThrive Diagnostic

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Resilience Assessment from WeThrive

When assessing the baseline need for resilience training in your organisation, having solid employee wellbeing data is key. It is extremely useful to know which employees are struggling and to see any stress-related patterns that may exist in your organisation. 

That’s why Wiser Working has partnered with WeThrive, a leading provider of online analytics, including resilience assesement data, that reveal how your people really feel about coming to your workplace every day.

WeThrive goes to a much deeper level than most employee engagement or pulse surveys. Using a dynamic survey, WeThrive gives HR and L&D directors clear, specific and measurable insights into their organisation, teams and people. The data can identify the factors which may be causing employees to be stressed or disengaged.

The WeThrive survey is positioned as a test on how well your organisation is enabling your staff to perform – rather than as a test on the individuals. This type of resilience assessment always yields incredibly rich, detailed quantitative and qualitative data than can instantly be used to drive long term sustainable change.

  • 16 top level questions uncover how often each person feels a certain way around key aspects of their daily working life.
  • There is zero prep time required. There’s no need to create your own questionnaire – all the hard work has been done for you and is based on solid science.


By drawing on the data provided by the WeThrive survey, we can help you to:

  • Gain deeper insights into the systemic and cultural reasons why some of your people may be underperforming or struggling with stress and anxiety.
  • Assess which individuals or groups may be most in need of resilience building tools and training.
  • Design a highly tailored resilience training programme.


We can organise for you to conduct some free sample surveys with a specific team or department so that you can see firsthand how impactful this information can be. Please contact us for more details.

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