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Wiser Working – Resilience and Stress Management Training

Resilience training and stress management techniques have never been more vital for organisations.
At Wiser Working, we believe that resilience to stress and daily challenges is a skill that can be learned.
That’s why we work with organisations who choose to skill up their employees so that they can fully embrace the challenging nature of the modern workplace and fulfil their potential.

What makes our resilience programmes different?

Our resilience and stress management training programmes are not typical classroom lectures. We bring the latest from neuroscience, Positive Psychology and personal stress diagnostics to design experiential workshops and programmes that stick.
By first understanding emotional regulation systems and then connecting with real life experiences, participants in our corporate resilience training programmes absorb and retain learnings long-term.
We are committed to helping our clients develop a culture that is invested in workplace wellbeing through helping their people to thrive.

We work with HR, L&D and talent management teams to enhance the resilience of their leaders and workforces. Our expert consultants, coaches and wellbeing practitioners are committed to bringing positive change to your organisation.

Our specialist services include:
Resilience Training for Managers and Leaders

Resilience Training

Using a practical and accessible framework, our resilience training enables employees to develop the flexibility they need to cope with change, daily challenges and leading effective teams.

Corporate Stress Management Training

Stress Management Training

Our programmes help participants to identify their individual stressors and identify the mindsets and techniques that will help them deal with workplace stress effectively.

Helping leaders become resilient

Leadership Development

We believe resilience and stress management should be core components of any leadership development plan. Leaders need to be able to bounce back from daily pressures and set an example for their teams.

Corporate Stress Management Training

Employee Engagement Training

Demotivated and disengaged employees are more likely to suffer from stress. Our stress management workshops can help shift unhelpful mindsets, optimise resilience and increase focus.

What people say about working with us:

“There are many leadership training companies, leadership coaches and advisors out there, but very few who really understand what leadership is all about.

Noel is one of these very few who is able to make a difference and create long lasting impact with individuals and organizations by being very practical,creative and honest. His inputs have tremendously supported us in a phase of major growth of the company. He is spot on with his assessments and develops adequate measures to solve issues.”

Hans Gabi – VP Human Resources, Viking Cruises

“Noel and I have been working together for over 3 years. Noel brought new visions and worked with us in a very partnering mindset, which was very important to us. It was very easy as Noel always considered what would be the right approach for our business, we trusted his advice and as a coach he was able to open us to new ways of thinking. It would be a great pleasure to have the opportunity to work together again in the near future.”

Nicky Joshi – Head of Leadership Academy, PSA Group (Peugeot Citroen)

“I’ve seen Noel delivering seminars in front of a hundred people as well as workshops for smaller groups. He has a natural capability to engage with the audience and support their learning on a deep level to provoke reflection and change. His effective communication and adaptability, helps him to manage senior leaders as well as young professionals. He is a trusted advisor that is able to easily translate today’s organizations challenges into tangible people solutions. I think what makes Noel different is his ability to build a complete tailored solution to the specific needs of the individual, team or organization.”

Hernan Gonzalez Merlani – Global Talent Lead, HSBC

Trusted by leading organisations
throughout the UK

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