Change Maker or Fire Fighter?

Which do you want to be?

We help business leaders, HR directors & training managers to reduce stress and build resilience in the workplace so that people perform better.


How could we help you?


Wiser Working provides training, coaching and consultancy based on biometric data to create a sustainable high performing workforce.

Reduce Workplace Stress


Increase Productivity & Performance

Reduce Absenteeism & Presenteeism


Boost Creativity & Collaboration

Attract & Retain Talent

Create a Culture of Compassion

The result?


Your workforce feels HAPPIER. The organisation THRIVES.

You stop fighting fires and become the CHANGE MAKER you want to be.

Who We Are

Noel Clerkin, founder of Wiser Working, has 16 years experience in leadership coaching, facilitating, training and consulting for a range of blue-chip companies including Axa, Astra Zeneca and Microsoft.

Noel has experienced first-hand what stress, overwhelm and burnout feels like and the impact it has on organisations.

Having seen how little attention is given to helping individuals manage the dual pressures of work and home life, Wiser Working was conceived to bridge the gap between stress and performance.

The result is a team of experienced coaches, psychologists and trainers who are on a mission to help people at work to enhance performance through better ways of working.


Our simple 3-step plan to a less stressed, more productive workforce

Step 1:

We Diagnose

Our Firstbeat Diagnostics tool provides individuals with personal biometric data on their stress levels. We also aggregate this data to show organisational trends & potential issues.

Step 2:

We Treat

Using our Resilience Framework, we provide half or one-day training to help staff change how they think, feel and act to reduce stress, boost their resiliency and improve their performance.

Step 3:

We Enhance

Through one-on-one coaching or topic specific training modules, we give employees, managers and leadership teams the ongoing insights & tools they need to fulfil their potential in a sustainable way.

What people say about working with us:

‘Wiser Working bring in an exceptional training team. They go beyond delivering the training and they were keen to understand our business, people and its culture. The training was excellent, the feedback, both formally and anecdotally has been superb. Leaders have talked about the changes they have made and continue to make as a result of the training.’

Davy McAlinden, Director of Learning and Development

Axiom Law

‘There are many leadership training companies, coaches and advisors out there, but very few who really understand what leadership is all about. Noel is one of these few who is able to make a difference and long lasting impact with individuals and organisations by being practical, creative and honest.’

Hans Gabi, VP Human Resources

Viking Cruises

‘Noel brought new visions and worked with us in a very partnering mindset. We trusted his advice and he was able to open us to new ways of thinking.’

Nicky Joshi, Head of Leadership Academy

PSA Group (Peugeot Citroën)


‘Noel has a natural capability to engage with the audience and support their learning on a deep level to provoke reflection and change. His effective communication and adaptability, helps him to manage senior leaders as well as young professionals. He is a trusted advisor that is able to easily translate today’s organizations challenges into tangible people solutions.’

Hernan Gonzalez Merlani, Global Talent Lead


Why Us?

We base our training on personalised data.

Using biometric data, we get to the heart of the problem for every individual.

We reduce stress and boost performance.

The two need to go hand in hand.

We aren’t prescriptive.

We co-create the solution with you, so you can get exactly what you need.

We can scale.

From an individual to a small group to a multi-site roll out.

We are human. So is your team.

Our job is to help everyone bring their best selves to work.

Are our services right for you?

  • We work across a range of sectors from professional services to manufacturing, finance and public sector.
  • Our clients typically have at least 2,000 employees and are based in the UK or Ireland.
  • We work with senior leadership teams, fast-tracked talent, managers and teams.
  • Businesses going through rapid growth, disruption, challenge or change.
  • Forward-thinkers who want to set the standard in compassionate workplace culture.
Cut the stress. Build compassion. Grow the business.

Interested in finding out more?

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